22 CityLink Unveils Concept Foundry

22CityLink Unveils Concept Foundry


New ecosystem from 22 CityLink removes the barriers to collaboration and innovation


CHANTILLY, Va., Feb. 28, 2017 —  22 CityLink on Tuesday unveiled Concept Foundry™, the first offering by 22 CityLink, a global leader in smart city development and technology. Concept Foundry redefines the term ‘technology hub’ through an immersive, education, coworking and business accelerator ecosystem located at Gramercy District.

“At 22 CityLink we believe that the barriers to collaboration need to be broken down to promote and accelerate innovation. We’re doing this with our forward-thinking academia and technology partners,” said Minh Le, Managing Partner of 22 CityLink. “Innovation can’t happen in silos. History has shown us that. We decided to be different and created Concept Foundry as an ‘open’ ecosystem where the collective community drives experimentation, making innovation happen.”

Concept Foundry promises to build an ecosystem based on these characteristics:

  • Open. The mixture of students and companies at Concept Foundry is meant to encourage interaction, creating an environment where collaboration feels natural. Concept Foundry has a diverse community of companies, of all different sizes, both domestic and international, to enrich the available ideas and resources of the ecosystem. As part of being at Concept Foundry, members have access to a network of industry experts, leading educators, global manufacturers, disruptive technology providers and more.
  • Modern. The technology that runs Concept Foundry was built using artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics, creating a hyper-intelligent ecosystem that learns and adapts to every member’s needs. At Concept Foundry, technology wasn’t an afterthought.
  • Innovative. An ecosystem can’t foster innovation, without being innovative itself. Concept Foundry is the first of its kind to offer a city as a sandbox. By providing the sandbox live-data from the city, members can validate ideas in real-world scenarios. What the members learn about and create, surrounds them; they live the innovation. This is innovation in the modern age.

“Fostering collaboration and innovation is more than just providing access to great resources. It’s about welcoming diversity. It’s about creating an atmosphere for stimulating interactions,” said Dave Ladouceur, Chief Strategy Officer of 22 CityLink. “We’re providing this culture at Concept Foundry, where a student, startup or global company can work together to create a better world.”

Concept Foundry will be launching late 2018 at Gramercy District.

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