Say hello to Concept Foundry, an ecosystem built for collaborative innovation.

Concept Foundry is an approach to collaboration the world has never seen before. We’ve changed how people, business and academia work together. The dynamics of agile young firms, paired with established enterprises with strong foundations, and forward-thinking education providers has created the ultimate environment for producing real-world solutions. The result is a community that drives experimentation and innovation collectively.

The pieces that complete the puzzle.

Community driven. Technology enabled. Efficient and sustainable. No matter how you define innovation, Concept Foundry is a step above the best. Our premiere location at Gramercy District provides the resources and opportunities to take yourself or your business to the next level.


Unlimited bandwidth and universal connectivity from Avaya; AI and big data services, and a sandbox for testing from Life AI; and R&D labs and global product manufacturing services from JKH Holdings.


Private offices for teams of all sizes, common spaces to encourage interaction and community events for networking. Share ideas, connect with partners, investors and mentors, and make global connections in our open environment.


Capital, mentors and education needed to springboard your next idea. A smart city accelerator from CIT, and more coming soon.


On site programs and curriculum for beginners to PhDs provided by our leading education providers CIT and GWU, the first smart city curriculum by 22 CityLink, and more coming soon.


Working together to create a better world.

The mixture of students and companies at Concept Foundry is meant to encourage interaction and create an environment where collaboration feels natural. We have a diverse community of both domestic and international companies of all different sizes to enrich the available ideas and resources of the ecosystem. A crucial part of being at Concept Foundry is access to a network of industry experts, leading educators, global manufacturers, disruptive technology providers and more.


Technology wasn’t an afterthought.

The technology that runs Concept Foundry was built using artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics, creating a hyper-intelligent ecosystem that learns and adapts to every member’s needs. At Concept Foundry, technology wasn’t an afterthought.


Innovation in the modern age.

An ecosystem can’t foster innovation without being innovative itself. Concept Foundry is the first of its kind to offer a city as a sandbox. By providing live-data from the city, members can validate ideas in real-world scenarios allowing their creations to surround them. This is innovation in the modern age.

Coming soon late 2018

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