What does a Smart City look like? We’re defining it with a new partner

The city of the future is a Smart City, emboldened by technology that folds in government, industry, and consumers. For this to happen, it needs a strong foundation—an infrastructure that can withstand heavy traffic, particularly during times of crisis.

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  • Fredric Quinn

    Well, finally, someone has bellied up to the bar and produced something 21st century innovative ; unlike that dumbed-down version of a Tyson’s III Wanna be instead of the what could have been the gateway to the 21st century, One Loudoun. What an embarrassment that wholly out of touch with the times project is shaping up to be all the while looking like it was designed by a committee of merchants and bankers. Dulles International Airport still outshines by far that monstrosity of mediocrity 60 years after it was first built. Bravo! to this new *Smart City* project. Show ’em how it’s done, boys and make Northern Virginia proud. It’s about damn time too.

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